Monday, January 17, 2011

New from Showtime! - McCovey Shore!

Looks like using that fistpump song at AT&T Park was just the beginning...

Showtime has announced that for the 2011 season, they will be following the Giants with their cameras for 10 months making a reality show that gives fans an unrestricted view of life as a major leaguer.

Brian "The Beard" Wilson
Cody "The Boss" Ross
Timmy "The Freak" Lincecum
Pablo "The Panda" Sandoval
Pat "The Machine" Burrell

and last but not least, Aubrey "The THONG" Huff

... is there any doubt that this is the best team in the majors to base a reality show on?

Now to address the critics of this seemingly awesome idea:

Lowell Cohn expressed his disappointment in the Press Democrat on Saturday (thanks to S.C. for the link). In the article he basically bashes the Giants for allowing Showtime to infiltrate their clubhouse and stir up drama that can be magnified to the Nth degree on reality TV. Cohn points out that Showtime will be seeking out conflict and invite it to make the storyline of the show more compelling to viewers *GASP*.

Yes... I will agree that there is some cause for concern. But I do not agree that an additional camera among the throngs of cameras that will be following the 2010 World Champions will make that much of a difference in the clubhouse.

The concern however is this: how do you keep with the mantra of "what happens in the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse," when there is a Showtime camera catching all of what goes on within and cut the film in a way to make the story the most compelling?

Well first of all you have to realize what this show is probably going to be. What the critics of this show are forgetting is that despite the jersey shore references, that this reality show is not something that is designed to be a guido soap opera with some baseball mixed in (although timmy would look great in a blowout). When you have baseball players who are private people normally, its difficult to insert any stirred up drama.

I seriously doubt that we'll have a "party" episode where B-Wheezy takes the show along for a ride-along as he goes out to find how many females recognize the bearded one in a crowded bar. Its about as likely as an episode showing a severely inebriated Aubrey Huff as he staggers into a hotel room wearing only his patented red thong. Both might make for good TV, both not happening on the Giants' watch.

As much as the Giants want to promote their brand and let people know the players, they do not want controversey on their hands or PR nightmares through the roof. Whatever this show will become, you can bet that the players and the Giants' brass will have final cut privileges and trust that producers will not violate the privacy of the players.

In the Chronicle, Henry Schulman talked to Matt Cain who despite being upset at the early announcement of the show, felt that ultimately the show would be great for the organization if done correctly.

And done "correctly" doesn't mean that the show has to be boring. I think you'll see the comraderie of this team, the friendships, the struggle of a long season along with missing their families and a lot of good times as well. Basically all the things that you grew to know and love about this team last year on their way to winning the World Series...

... and if Timmy makes out with Snookie so be it...

Laws of the Day

Snookie is reportedly 4'9 and by far the shortest cast member of Jersey Shore
Miguel Tejada is the shortest current member of the Giants at 5'9


  1. Nicely put Lawrence. Cohn, calm down! And love the Laws of the Day! Thanks for the shout out! ;)

  2. what I would give to see the Panda fist pump

  3. I like the exposure they're getting, I just hope it doesn't interfere with their performance as a team.