Friday, January 7, 2011

Breaking News: Renteria not "insulted" by $3 Million offer from Cincinati Reds

And so goes the story of the Giants most unlikely World Series hero, Edgar Renteria. It was reported yesterday that Renteria signed a 1 year contract with the Reds worth reportedly $3 million.

The Giants didn't think it was necessary to pay a backup shortstop as much as they paid a healthy starting first baseman last year in Aubrey Huff. And if you can't detect my sarcasm, neither do I.

Since news broke on Renteria's bashing of the Giants' $1 million dollar, 1 year deal from the Giants I already had moved on from Renteria. The Giants overpaid him to the tune of $18 million over 2 years for which Edgar did not earn until his very last at bat of his career as a Giant.

As important as that home run was in securing himself and the Giants a place in history, I feel that the Giants have already made Mr. Renteria a very rich man and that if anything, now they were even. Adding yet another year for a million dollars when we don't even really need him should just be treated as a million dollar victory lap so that Edgar could ride off in the sunset and await a possible call from Cooperstown.

Instead Renteria has proven that even in the twilight of an already successful and might I add, lucrative career, he is still ruled by the almighty dollar.

Still, the main point to be taken from this, is that the Giants did not cave. The offer had been made with the knowledge that there just wasn't enough money left in the bank for an aging and often injured backup shortstop. If the Giants gave in and offered $3 million for Renteria's final year, then it would be the OLD Sabean offering ridiculous contracts to aging veterans (See Ray Durham).

The Giants still say their need is at a backup infielder, but I'd much rather sign a guy like Jorge Cantu who had an off year and at 28 has a lot more baseball left, or simply calling up a minor leaguer for backup duty.

No hard feelings Edgar, you get your money, we get World Champions

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  1. The Giants weren't going to prod that hard for him anyway. They already have Tejada (who is 36 and is in better shape than Renteria) and they retained Fontenot. Like you said, just bring up a minor leaguer to fill in that role.

  2. Remember back when we got into the playoffs, no one knew whether Renteria would even make the postseason line up or get benched with Zito and others. He gave us some good years, but we need new blood.