Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Meeting: Notes, Thoughts and Deals Werth Mentioning...

The winter meetings ended today and a MULTITUDE of deals were announced over the week.

The first crazy deal was Derek Jeter signing an insane deal worth $51 million over 3 years, but the zaniness didn't end there.

Jason Werth signed for $126 million over 7 years with the Washington Nationals.

Carl Crawford signed today for $141 million over 7 years with the Red Sox.

And at this time Cliff Lee has been offered a 7 year contract reportedly worth $161 million from the New York Yankees.

The numbers being pushed around in this apparently "thin" free agent market are staggering. In a way it is very comforting that the Giants are not in the discussion at all for any of these big name free agents. In fact, most of the work was done prior to the winter meetings (Huff, Tejada, Burrell).

Not to say that the Giants aren't big spenders this year. Brian Sabean admitted that the payroll would rise to $120 million for 2011 due to scheduled raises, arbitration offers given to players like Jonathan Sanchez and Cody Ross, along with contracts with Aubrey Huff and Miguel Tejada.

Otherwise it doesn't look like the Giants really have any needs. The only need I can think of is really to see if we can unload an outfielder since we have so many.

With the addition of Burrell for the bargain basement price of $1 million for 1 year, the Giants have a wealth of outfielders. As it stands, Cody Ross would probably start in right field, Torres in Center, and Burrell in Left. That leaves Nate Schierholtz, Aaron Rowand and Mark DeRosa as potential backups. Remember DeRosa was initially signed to a 2 year contract last year to be our starting left fielder. The good thing about DeRosa is that he's also a potential super utility man who can play all infield positions as well as the outfield positions.

The other problem is that Aaron Rowand really doesn't have a role on this team anymore, and yet we can't get rid of him due to his monsterous contract.

Giants Hot Stove:

The only need the Giants have expressed lately is a one for a 6th starting pitcher to serve as a backup incase of injury, and additionally they are looking for a backup shortstop. With Renteria looking to play one more year, it looks like he has a good shot to come back to the Giants in a backup role, much like Pat Burrell.

Honestly if Renteria signs, I don't think the Giants will make any more moves this offseason unless someone is willing to take some of the contract obligations of Mr. Rowand.

Laws of the Day

Does that Werth Contract sound familiar? Its because its the same amount a Giant is getting paid: Barry Zito (7 years 126 mil)

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  1. Don't mind having outfielder backups, but I wish we had more infielder backups, i.e. 3rd base and short-stop.