Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pat is BACK

The Giants have unofficially ended their offseason acquisitions by signing Pat the Bat to a 1 year deal at a reportedly discounted rate from the 9 million he earned last year from Tampa Bay. (Andrew Baggerly - Extra Baggs). As it stands, it would seem that Pat the Bat will be used as a backup outfileder and play off the bench with his occassional spot start.

From the way things were shaping up in the Giants' roster it didn't look like Burrell's services were needed. We already have a packed outfield, we overpaid for Tejada and signed Huff to a big deal as well.

If the amount ends up being something in the range of 3 million for 1 year plus incentives I think this is a pretty good move by Sabean. From the start, I loved that we picked up Burrell last season and it ended up paying off as we neared a playoff berth. Although he did fairly poorly in the playoffs, including 0-13 in the World Series, Pat has been a great addition to the Giants and a leader in the clubhouse along with his old college buddy Aubrey Huff.

Really, I don't see how anyone cannot like bringing back Pat the Bat. Whether it was clutch homers to beat the Dodgers or watching him chest bump Aubrey Huff in the dugout, his presence was felt last year and I'm glad he's back.

One more season of the "Machine" wont hurt either...

After Pat the Bat's signing the Roster looks like this:

1B - Aubrey Huff
2B - Freddy Sanchez
3B - Pablo Sandoval
SS - Miguel Tejada

RF - Cody Ross
CF - Andres Torres
LF - Mark DeRosa

C - Buster Posey

Nate Schierholtz - OF
Pat Burrell - OF
Aaron Rowand - OF
Eli Whiteside - C
Mike Fontenot - 3B
Travis Ishikawa - 1B
Emmanuel Burriss - 2B

Laws of the Day

With the exception of Uribe and Renteria, the Giants can field basically the same team that won the World Series now. Is it March yet?

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  1. Sounds good...what about the pitchers...any new faces there?