Wednesday, June 23, 2010

B Weezey B Good

1 run game, 1 out in the 8th, bases loaded, who ya gonna call? B WHEEZY!!

(cue ghostbusters theme)

Yes, Brian Wilson has become a shut down ghostbustin closer, and he's our last line of defense.

Gone are the days of the closer by committee and that Armando Benitez debacle. We finally have a guy we can count on in the 9th, and sometimes the 8th inning when we're in the lead.

Does he sometimes make it a little more interesting than he should? Yes
Does he sometimes make your hair stand on end? Yes
But does he usually get the job done? Yes he does.

I must admit, last year even with an All Star selection, I wasn't always on the Brian Wilson fan club. He is wild at times and walks a lot more batters than he should. But this year with the exception of only a couple games, Wheeze has been as hot as his 98 mph fastball.

Yesterday, Wheeze pitched a perfect 9th to close out a 3-1 win for Timmy, that's his 20th save in 22 chances so far this season, good for 2nd in the National League.

He's converted his last 6 save opportunities including back to back 5 out appearances to preserve the wins against Oakland and Baltimore. Here's the clincher... both times the bullpen faltered in the 8th, and both times Wilson came through in the clutch. But he's been doing it all season long so far.

For example lets go back to another 5 out performance:

May 9, 2010

1 out, man on 2nd, 8th inning in New York facing the Mets. Score is 6-5 San Francisco. Wilson relieves Affeldt who had been experiencing control problems. No problem... Wilson strikes out Catalanotto and the great Jose Reyes... both swinging.

9th Inning, Jason Bay hits a shot to the wall in left center, a leadoff double, tying run in scoring position... uh oh the same old wheeze? No.

David Wright - strikes out looking
Ike Davis - strikes out looking
Jeff Francoeur - strikes out swinging

Grab some pine meat... Ballgame

Anytime you start to think that Brian Wilson has not rightfully earned this job or worse yet, that he no longer deserves it, I'd like you to think of that game on the 9th of May.

Not since Robb Nen have we had a closer who I have this much respect for or confidence in. He is absolutely deserving of a 2nd All Star selection, its too bad we can't vote. He has 20 saves in 22 chances, with a 2.05 ERA and 42 K's in 30.2 innings. The numbers don't lie, and he has definitely become one of the premier closers in the Majors.

Wielding a fastball that I've seen at times hit 98-99mph and a slider that drops off the table at about 90mph. He's become the dominant closer I've hoped he could be.

“That’s what I signed up for, you get a chance to be a hero or a failure. I always like to choose the hero option because it’s more lucrative. Fans like it.” - Brian Wilson

Yes we do.

Laws of the Day

Giants are 7-0 so far against the Houston Astros

Giants have been shutout 3 times when Matt Cain is on the mound. Cain has allowed only 6 runs over 20.2 for a 2.61 ERA in those games.

Strikeout, save, business as usual

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  1. Yeah, poor Cain gets his record messed up by some of these closers. But Wilson is a great last line of defense to have. I still miss the days of Nen for closers though:)