Sunday, June 20, 2010

who looks better... ey?

Its kind of amazing how little I care about what happens to the Giants when they have to play all the way in CANADA of all places. The toronto series has been a complete afterthought for me... we did manage to salvage the last game of this series after dropping the last two.

In classic Giants style, Barry Zito and Matt Cain did great jobs respectively and got the loss, while Jonathan Sanchez was knocked out in the 3rd for his shortest outing of the year, and we ended up winning...

However, at the request of some readers I've decided to go into a less baseball related topic and into aesthetics.. mainly: Who is the *CUTEST* Giant (shoot me now...)

Here are some of the candidates that have been proposed recently:

Andres Torres

okay.. not a horrible choice. I can see how girls are goin for the "latin lover" thing...

Most athletic guy on the Giants, bilingual
Not rich (career minor leaguer)

Freddy Sanchez

Also, I will not ridicule, he's not a bad looking guy, nice enough, won a 2 time all star and has a bunch of money saved up

Honest,hardworking, nice disposition
That connect the dot thing going on, on his face...

Nate Schierholtz

Really? ... this guy? as my friend Jeff would say, Nate is probably the most normal looking guy on the team. He's completely featureless, no color. At least he's got a cannon for an arm.

Rocket arm, safe
Boring, quiet, receding hairline.

Barry Zito

Personally, if I'm talking in a purely competitive standpoint. I wouldn't want to stand next to Barry if I'm at a club trying to pick up girls. He has money, cars, and now a resurgent career. He's got some pretty high profile ex's too (alyssa milano, hillary duff)

Uber Rich (7 years $126 million), Philanthropist (founder of Strikeouts for Troops), Musician
Weird (collects stuffed animals), Parents were hippies so he acts accordingly..

Honorable Mentions:
Eli Whiteside - nah he's got all gray hair
Brian Wilson - just a tatooed meat head
Travis Ishikawa - I would have included him but he barely plays anymore
Buster Posey - too young
Tim Lincecum - too gangly

Alright girls, what do you think? I think Barry wins out as the most sensible choice here. Heck for $126 million I'd date him too... maybe...

Laws of the Day

Giants completed their first win in an AL park today beating the Blue Jays 9-6

Getting Support: Giants have scored 40 runs in the last 5 starts by Jonathan Sanchez who has posted a 3-1 record in that span.


  1. Where's Benji and Panda? What girls don't like fat guys? Why cause all their dates are to buffets? haha

  2. seriously lawrence... if you want to up your google readership, you shouldn't be posting about the 'cutest' giant... this... is... really... awkward... plus, baseball players are cheating: all guys look better w/ a hat and/or sunglasses. :) hehe

  3. Thank you for including Torres and Sanchez. They are my favorites!!! But...where is Joe Martinez, my common-looking man?

  4. Who suggested this 'cute' idea? It's stats that matter with baseball players, and heart, and...ok, fine I vote for Barry Zito:)

  5. @ Brice - I'll give Panda some love later don't worry =)

    @ Jaime - I think the 'cutest' blog succeeded haha

    @ Sheree - me too

    @ Kristyn - I don't put up players who are minor leaguers

    @ Mark - good choice =)

  6. Minor leaguer? FYI, Martinez is penciled in to start on Saturday. He'll show you, just like Torres is showing all the haters!