Thursday, January 20, 2011

Payday! - Giants final payroll numbers

Andrew Baggerly tweeted this morning that Giants were close to signing Andres Torres the last of the arbitration eligible players and that the payroll would be in the $110 million range.

By my count, and thanks to Cot's Baseball Contracts, the amount is closer to $116 million for the 2011 payroll.

Here's a rundown of the arbitration eligible players who signed:

Cody Ross - $6.3 million, 1 year
Jonathan Sanchez - $4.8 million, 1 year
Ramon Ramirez - 1.65 million, 1 year
Santiago Casilla - 1.3 million, 1 year
Javier Lopez ~ 2.2 million, 1 year
Andres Torres ~ 2 million, 1 year

In simple terms it means that due to winning the world series, a team that is basically the same but adds the pay of Cody Ross, Pat Burrell and Miguel Tejada and minuses the pay of Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria = an extra $25-27 million in salary.

Who cares... In conclusion: The 2010 Giants won the World Series

Laws of the Day

Loan taken from Chase Manhattan for construction of AT&T Park = $170 Million, 10 years
Barry Zito's Contract = $126 Million, 7 years
Edgar Renteria's Contract = $18 Million, 2 years
Buster Posey's 2011 paycheck = $400,000

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  1. You know the Dodgers will have a bigger budget still! So long as we don't spend as much as them, I think we're doing alright and staying in the bounds of common sense:)