Monday, June 13, 2011

Giants Get the Wrong Kind of Hits

Add another core player to the list of the bruised and battered.

Freddy Sanchez suffered a dislocated shoulder on Friday which puts him in jeopardy for the rest of the season. So far the decision is to have him rehab and strengthen his shoulder enough so it doesn't pop out again, but that solution would only be temporary and eventually he will need surgery. If surgery is required it would be season ending.

And so the hits keep on coming, not the good kind, which would be a welcome surprise, but the bad kind that leaves your rookie of the year catcher out for the year, or batting champ 2nd baseman with a potentially season ending injury.

Yet... the Giants are in 1st place. Yes the Giants have weathered the adversity so far and have kept in front of the rest of their underperforming division. The Diamondbacks, who no one would've chosen to compete for a playoff spot let alone maintain a winning record is sitting in second place only a game back of the first place Giants who happen to be traveling down to Arizona today to begin a three game series tomorrow.

At this point I just want to see what will happen. Its fitting that this season has been followed by the Showtime cameras for all the ups and downs so far because that's all there's left to do. I never would've expected that Posey would be out for the year, or that Ryan Vogelsong would become the best starter in our rotation by the month of June. I would never have guessed that Brandon Crawford would emerge as an everyday starter or that Freddy Sanchez might be lost for the season as well.

Like I said... all you can do now, is sit back and watch the show.

Laws of the Day

Today is the first off day for the Giants in 20 days. On their last off day, Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez were uninjured and enjoying their 3 game sweep of the A's.


  1. We've literally got over 9 good players on the DL or out for the season right now, and we're still in 1st. We could make another fantasy team just from the injured...Posey, Freddy, Belt, Ford, De Rosa, Panda, Fontenot, Zito, etc. etc.

  2. Yeah I was saying that the DL team might be able to beat the healthy team, if the pitching staff played both ways.