Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brandon Crawford IS the Starting Shortstop

In case you don't have your ear pressed up against the door to the Major League rumor mill, the trade talk for the Giants was to somehow acquire Jose Reyes from the Mets and possibly drop Miguel Tejada.

Tejada has been a pretty big disappointment this year with few exceptions and Reyes is what you want in a talented shortstop. Quick, above average defensively and wields a potent bat.


You like defense? He's been big league ready since he was drafted, his nickname in San Jose was "The Professor" because when he's fielding ground balls he looks like an And1 Mixtape much like his namesake.

You like offense? He's the guy who started his major league career with a grand slam helping us win a crucial game in Milwaukee and also went 2 for 3 yesterday with the winning hit/rbi to back a complete game from Matt Cain.

You like clutch play? Did you see his diving stop yesterday to save a run, or how he performs with runners in scoring position? He's hitting .455 with RISP in his very short major league career.

Could Jose Reyes do these things? Sure maybe, but we don't have to give up a top flight prospect to have Crawford start every game. Ever since he came up I've felt that he has the ability to become this year's Buster Posey. Oh remember Brandon Belt? he's not too bad either, but the top rookie honors have gone to Crawford so far.

When Buster went down with his season long injury, Brandon Crawford came up to fill Fontenot's spot in the roster, and since then he's earned himself a starting job that will NOT be taken back by Miguel Tejada. While Tejada fills in for an injured Pablo Sandoval, Crawford has come along with his U-haul, unloaded his TV, sofa, and beanbag chair on the infield dirt between 2nd and 3rd because that is now his home.

When Crawford hit that first major league grand slam in his first major league game, Buster Posey texted him: "You're my new favorite player"

Buster and Brandon actually came up through the minors together, with Buster tearing through the minor league system to get called up in September of 2009, and again last year. Brandon however hit into a couple rough patches before making his way here.

In spring training of this year looking to impress the big league club, he ended up breaking his hand and had to rehab for the beginning of the season. When he came back he started where he left off and started raking the pitching he saw in Single A San Jose.

Unfortunately it took an injury to his draft-mate Posey for Brandon to get a chance to show his skills on the big stage.

Anyway, for those of you who like rumors, here's one that might pick up some speed:

When the Panda comes back, TeNada will say Adios!

Laws of the Day

I will witness Edgar Renteria receiving his World Series ring today... FACT


  1. Oh yeah baby...Crawford all the way...whoot whoot to the Bay Area kid:)