Thursday, June 2, 2011

Huff Daddy is BACK Baby!

May 31 - Huff had 4 home runs on the season

June 1-2 - Huff DADDY added 4 more

Where has this guy been!?

Although I could complain about how Mota gave up what was a very comfortable 7 run lead by giving up a Colby Rasmus grand slam, isn't it fun to have a slug fest every once in awhile?

After a thousand or so 1 run games or walk-off wins, sometimes its nice to watch the Giants crush the ball out into the next state.

Its amazing how one game can make everything better. No offense? How about 12 runs? The most productive hitter from 2010 is in a mega slump? I'm pretty sure one of the 3 homers Huff hit tonight hasn't landed yet.

With the way this pitching staff is, you only need one hero a day. Yesterday was Nate Schierholtz getting a 9th inning RBI and a game winner in the 11th inning. Today obviously was Huff hitting 3 homers for 6 RBI in addition to a Freddy Sanchez 3 run homer sprinkled in.

Another note, our stellar pitching staff hasn't been that sharp lately and yet the Giants just took 3 of 4 from the Cardinals. Looking back, if it weren't for a bullpen blowup on Tuesday, this would've been a 4 game sweep, on the road, in St. Louis!

Oh yeah... and we're back in 1st place! All is right in the world!

Laws of the Day

Panda is set to begin his rehab assignment tomorrow and will play 4-5 games in AAA Fresno before returning to the Giants.


  1. Huff daddy is part of a sleeper cell that only gets activated in June.

  2. Home fricking run derby boyz!!!!!