Friday, April 25, 2014

The Kung Fu Pricetag

It has been 22 games now and yes I know I haven't checked in, but as baseball goes, there really isn't anything to talk about until you're about 20 games in.  

Giants are 12-10, a half game out of first in a very close NL West and Pablo Sandoval's agent is that kid in class who looks away from the teacher saying "don't pick me, don't pick me don't pick me!"

That's because one of the story lines early this season has been that Pablo's agent told Brian Sabean he wanted a "minimum" of 5 years $90 million.  That' figure happens to be Hunter Pence's contract which he signed this year, or to Pablo, just a couple hundred trips to the buffet line.  

The Giants thoughtfully countered with a 3 year $40 million proposal which was promptly rejected by Pablo's camp.  

Through 22 games, Pablo is hitting .165 with 2 home runs and 6 RBI's.  He's thrown up a goose egg in 10 games this year and has just not shown any consistency at the plate despite his smaller frame.  Well he did lose the weight, so at least he's better on defense right?  Nope.  3 errors and waching him get victimized by Dee Gordon bunt single after bunt single, you just hope he doesn't throw it away.  

So, no he's not worth 5 years 90 million.  But is he going to get it? Possibly.
The Yankees are on the top of a long list of major league ball clubs that could use a slugging 3rd baseman regardless of his current production.  As ridiculous as that number sounds, with the terrible free agent offerings next year, the Giants might be left with no alternative at third base.  

But here's where we come back to an old idea that will absolutely blow your socks off:


Yes, our golden boy Buster Posey has been locked up for the next 8 years and we want his precious knees, head and body to be in prime condition the entire way.  The only way that will happen is if he cedes that spot behind the dish and plays 3rd base.  

Bruce Bochy brought up this idea last year and I still think it's in the Giants' long term planning which is exactly why Pablo was only offered a 3 year deal.  I'm guessing the Giants think they have 3 good years left of Buster at catcher, and then they can make the transition after Pablo leaves.  

The thing is, the Giants have a very promising catching prospect in the minors right now in Andrew Susac and he's ready to fill in the backup catcher duties right now.  

Meanwhile remember Hector Sanchez?  That guy the other day who hit 2 late homers to win the game?  Yeah he's ready to be your starting catcher next year.  

Guess what the price tag is on that plan, folks?

0 years $0 million

Don't worry Pablo's used to getting 0's these days.

Laws of the Day

Pablo is hitting 3-19 with runners in scoring position this year for a .158 average

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