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OOH BOY... I know exactly what you're all thinking... THE FIRST POST OF LFL THIS SEASON! AHHHH.....

Yes folks, and I have a doozy for ya.  Hard hitting baseball analysis from your favorite local blog scribe and it begins with this:

This Giants team has now become the D2: Mighty Ducks team.

Oh don't believe me?  You're about to see some grade A awesomeness on screen so be prepared.

This team as constructed has a chance to be "Disney" special this year and here are the guys who are going to do it:

Tim "Luis Mendoza" Lincecum

Much like his speedy counterpart here, Timmy has been a talent his entire career and has the stuff to continue a long career.

The trick to him doing that, is control.  If he can stay in the bottom half of the strike zone and not become wild, much like Mendoza had to learn how to stop on the ice,

Timmy has a great chance to bounce back this year and put one in the back of the net so to speak.

Tim "Russ Tyler" Hudson


He's the new guy and he might be a bit older and rough around the edges, but as Russ earned his way onto Team USA with his "knucklepuck," Huddy has earned his way to the Giants using his signature sinker that has befuddled hitters his entire career.

Not only is he here to pitch well in his own right, he's here to help bring along the Giants' starters and show them how to get to the next level, just like Russ did with the Ducks.

Now we just have to get Huddy to announce his sinker everytime he throws it...

Michael "Dean Portman" Morse

The second bash brother is here y'all!

Everyone knew what Hunter Pence was about from his first season and a half as a Giant, but Morse can swing with the best of them.

Although he doesn't have the consistent power numbers that Pence has racked up in his career, Morse hit 31 homers in his lone non-injury riddled season of 2011 and is always a home run threat.

With his addition in left field, the corner outfield spots have suddenly become the power corners and feared spots in the lineup wherever they end up

Madison "Dwayne Robertson" Bumgarner


Okay I'll admit it, I really just did this because I like to think these two look alike, but these guys both show incredible skill with the a baseball and hockey puck alike.

Bum showed last year that for a full season he can tie up hitters with his slider and pound the strike zone.  He's going to continue on his success last year and anchor this staff as the new ace.
But seriously guys... look at the pictures... they are the same person....

Buster "Conway" Posey

Triple Deke? Triples Alley!

Although it's not done in baseball, you might as well sew a big 'C' on Posey's jersey because he's the leader of this team.

And even if the team wont fully admit it, they missed some of that leadership on the field last year as it seemed Posey ran out of gas late last season.

This year he's gained what he calls "good weight" and he's ready to start working hard towards another championship season.


That's that for the 1st LFL post of the season.  Starting strong huh?  Go Giants! Quack Quack!

Laws of the Day

Tim Hudson's worst start last year?  Against your San Francisco Giants.  He lasted only 3 and two thirds and gave up 6 runs on 8 hits.

Two guys who have ownage over him: Hunter Pence (8 for 20) and Buster Posey (5 for 10) for their careers against Huddy.  I'm sure he's happy he doesn't have to face these guys in game this season.

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