Saturday, November 23, 2013

Add Some Hart: Could Corey Hart be a Giant?

Long hair, beard, tattoos... he's practically a Giant already.
In the absence of any Giants news I'm going to pontificate.

Sure the Giants signed Javier Lopez to probably too much for a lefty specialist at 3 years $13 million, but I sure like having him more than I like not having him, especially if this is supposed to be a playoff team.

Other than that, and the Hudson signing, the rumor mill has gone quiet.  The only thing I could hang my hat on was this little nugget that Hank Schulman gave me a couple days ago:

No seriously are you?  Because I think Corey Hart would fit perfectly on this team.

For a little background, Corey Hart missed all of 2012 with a knee injury that required surgery.  He's a former outfielder turned first baseman who has said in recent days that he's lost 20 pounds and could even play in the outfield if need be.

For even more background, these were Corey's numbers in 2012 - .270 BA, 30 HR, 83 RBI, 507 SLG.  In fact between 2010 and 2012 hit at least .270 and 26 homers each year.  He's the perfect middle of the order type hitter you could put almost anywhere and make this lineup tons better.

But where will he play you might ask?  This is why it gets even more perfect.

He's got lower mobility probably so he might get some time at 1st base right?  Sure, on those days Brandon Belt could spend time in Left Field, or Blanco could get a turn.  On other days, Corey could stay in left and his offensive prowess more than makes up for what the Giants would lose defensively.

He's also right  handed which works because both Belt and Blanco are lefties and since Bochy loves to fix up his lineups as lefty-righty matchups here's what the lineup could look like against a lefty

Bochy's potential Anti-Lefty lineup

CF- Angel Pagan
2B - Marco Scutaro
RF - Hunter Pence
1B - Buster Posey
LF - Corey Hart
3B - Pablo Sandoval
C - Hector Sanchez
SS - Brandon Crawford

If Brandon Belt proves to continue playing well against both righties and lefties alike, you could even leave Buster at catcher and the lineup looks even better.

Another thing you'll notice in this lineup is that Sandoval is moved down to 6th in the order and Hunter Pence with his speed on the basepaths is hitting 3rd in front of Buster.  Corey could easily hit 6th also, but it makes that middle of the order very dangerous with Pence, Posey, Sandoval and Hart all interchangable.

Hart still has been getting a lot of interest from teams, but they're all staying away until they get more assurances regarding his health.  This is one that I hope the Giants go further than simply kicking the tires on.  Left field cannot be an afterthought if this team is to avoid missing the playoffs for the second straight year.

The last and most important piece of information is that Hart was not extended a qualifying offer by the Brewers so signing him would not cost the Giants their lovely draft pick.  If the Giants want to get better in a hurry, I think Corey is their best bet.

Or the Giants could just sign Bronson Arroyo... *gag*

Laws of the Day

Hart hit .240 with zero home runs against the Giants in 21 career at-bats, so he might like not having to face the Giants anymore also.

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