Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forget What I Said!! PANIC!!

August 10, 2010

Padres 65-46
Giants 64-50

2 and 1/2 games back

August 10, 2011

Diamondbacks 64-53
Giants 64-54

1/2 game back

Okay with this in perspective is the season over? No. Last August the Giants just couldn't get consistent and Tim Lincecum was in an unexplainable funk. The Giants finished that month with a record of 13-15 and 4 games behind of the 1st place Padres.

This year Tim Lincecum is fine, most of the pitchers are doing well, but the offense is dead in the water. The 2011 Giants have power hitters who aren't hitting for power, contact hitters who aren't hitting for average and only one person who might be capable of running a 6 minute mile (Andres Torres).

Huff might be finding his stroke again which is great news for Giants fans, but he only did so in the absence of Carlos Beltran who's still nursing his wrist. Each day I see that Beltran is not in the lineup I must control my urge to check what Zach Wheeler has done in his last start.

In case you want to join me in my misery: Zach Wheeler - 6 IP 7 K's 0 ER 0 BB

Yeah just soak it up... we traded Wheeler for a Beltran rental... /slams head on desk

I still think the Beltran trade made the most sense at the time. Hunter Pence although a great addition for Philadelphia does not make as much sense in our lineup without a true middle of the order hitter besides Panda. Does Pence look good between Ryan Howard and Chase Utley? Sure! But in case you hadn't noticed, we don't have Ryan Howard and Chase Utley!

With this upcoming road trip, its going to test whether the Giants want to go back to the playoffs this year. Starting on Friday the G-men will be in Florida facing the agents of their misery the Marlins, then on to a very tough Atlanta Braves team, and finally to the lowly Astros.

This series could make our season... not break, because there's still a lot of baseball left, but if we can come away with a winning road trip and find some consistency, this may be where we can do it. Besides we know our guys love hitting in other ballparks.

Laws of the Day

With Panda's homer yesterday the Giants tied a MLB record for consecutive solo home runs in a season with 19. Not the kind of home run record you want, lets get some guys on base.

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