Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nail 1 Has Been Nailed Into the 2011 Coffin

3.5 games back is hardly an insurmountable task especially to a Diamondbacks team that we face in 6 more games in September. But with each injury and each step back, it looks less and less like the Giants have a chance to go on another run in October.

Consider our latest blows:

The injury bug has continued to bite and now looks vaguely like that insect that fights Godzilla.

Forget about Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey, we've already had to deal with those losses. Now Jonathan Sanchez has a sprained ankle, Beltran is on the DL with some wrist soreness and hasn't played in 8 games now. And Andres Torres was placed on the DL also. Romo was also put on the DL putting a dent in the bullpen.

Together the Giants used the DL 21 times this year for 18 players.

In addition to the DL a rash of players are playing hurt including Keppinger(wrist), Rowand(ribs) and Sandoval(shin).

To top it off the Giants have to play the Braves 2 more games and have been shown that they are no longer even in the same class as this Braves team. The Braves are deep in every aspect of the game, starting pitching that includes Tommy Hanson, Jair Jurrjens and Tim Hudson, a relief core that includes all-stars Johnny Venters and closer Craig Kimbrel and a lineup with mashers like McCann, Uggla and this year's rookie of the year front runner Freddie Freeman.


The way I felt about the 2010 Giants in September is how I feel about the Atlanta Braves this year. The stars have aligned this year for the Braves to win it all. The pieces are all there, good starting pitching, an excellent bullpen and threats up and down the lineup.

The Giants still have solid starting pitching, and a fairly solid bullpen, but that's where the similarities end.

Last year the Giants hit 162 home runs all season, this year with 39 games left, the Giants have only hit 84 on pace for 110.6 homers this season.

Need more? The Giants are last, as in DEAD last in the Major Leagues batting while runners are in scoring position with .218. Last year we weren't much better, but still hit at a .248 clip with RISP. Remember 2009 when we missed the playoffs? We hit .245 with RISP...

Oh and to top it off with the ugliest cherry ever... RISP with 2 outs? - .167 as a team, also last in the league.

Laws of the Day

On the bright side, the Giants are NOT last in overall batting average.. .239, second to last to the Seattle Mariners at .232

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