Monday, August 8, 2011

Leave the Panic Button Alone! Giants Still in First

Thanks to a mirrored collapse of the Diamondbacks at the hands of the Dodgers, the Giants have weathered the worst part of their schedule heading into tonight against the freefalling Pittsburg Pirates.

Not that the Giants have a cake schedule from here on in, but besides the Braves, we don't really have to face many contenders down the stretch and there's still a half game lead on the Diamondbacks. Cause for celebration? Not exactly. Cause for worry? Hardly.

Should we worry that we lost 4 of 7 to the Phillies this year? Well Zito and Jonathan Sanchez own 2 of those losses, and in the other 2 losses, the offense just couldn't pick up the excellent pitching performances of Bumgarner and Cain.

If you remember, the Giants beat the Phillies 3 times last season with 2 of the wins belonging to Jonathan Sanchez... Needless to say the regular season has no bearing on the playoffs.

What we can take from this past weekend is this: After a torturous 2-8 stretch for the Giants, they are still in first place by half a game. Hooray for the weak division!

What's on Tap!

Pirates are in town for a 3 game set, and we start out with our most consistent starter this year in Ryan Vogelsong. 9-1 with the best ERA in the league. He'll try to keep up his lead and hopefully extend it.

Also look to see another start out of Jonathan Sanchez against the Pirates. As much as I want to join the mob in pouncing all over Sanchez in his horrible performance against the Phillies, its not easy coming back from an "injury" and even more difficult when you have to face the Phillies' lineup. We'll see what Sanchez can do against the much less vaunted Pirates lineup of Captain Barbosa and Jack Sparrow...

Laws of the Day

Jeff Keppinger has 20 hits in his 17 games as a Giant, good for a .308 avg. A model of consistency, as his season average is .307.

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