Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trade Deadline Has Passed! - Giants Get Swept* Up In Emotion (Failure)

Lets just agree not to talk about how the Giants WITH Carlos Beltran failed to win one game against a sub .500 team that had just been swept by a Mets team WITHOUT Carlos Beltran.

Instead lets talk of happier things such as how the Giants just traded a promising outfielder from the minors for a 36 year old shortstop with dismal offensive numbers and suspect defense. Sound familiar? No we did not activate Miguel Tejada off the DL, we traded for the next best thing in Orlando Cabrera.

Orlando Cabrera - .244 BA, 38 RBIs, 35 Runs - defense: Suspect
Miguel Tejada - .242 BA, 26 RBIs, 28 Runs - defense: Abysmal

So granted Cabrera is a slight improvement in every area, but guess what? The Giants were in talks with him before the season began and instead of signing him we signed Miguel Tejada for 6 million dollars. Cabrera on the other hand was a very late signing by the Cleveland Indians for a paltry 1 million.

This is the quintesential lose-lose trade. If Cabrera plays well, we wonder why the hell didn't Sabean sign him instead of Tejada? If he plays badly, we wonder why the hell did Sabean trade Thomas Neal for another Tejada?

And last of all... Why in the hell is Chris Stewart still on a major league roster?!


The search for a catching rental ended today with no moves by the Giants, apparently Ramon Hernandez of the Reds could not be had for a coke and a smile, and Bengie Molina gained another 25 pounds since July so we're all out of options.

When you have a lineup that features either Chris Stewart or Eli Whiteside along with Miguel Tejada or a guy who plays a lot like Miguel Tejada, you're forced to rely on the other 6 players to provide some offense. Oh and 4 of those guys are mirred in ridiculous slumps.

But don't panic, Orlando Cabrera is your new everyday shortstop.

Laws of the Day
Giants had not lost a series since June 19th when they were swept by the Oakland A's

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