Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Call me the ANTI-Oracle!

Since the Giants have been doing so badly, I decided to use my rarely used powers of jinx to destroy the New York Mets. The evidence of that power has been shown below.

Starting in 3rd inning of yesterday's game vs. the Mets:

4:54 PM - Score 3-0 Mets

me: Burriss needs a jet engine to blow the ball outta there
his bat is horrible

jon:i think he needs a cricket paddle

me: he needs a tennis racket

jon: something huge


me: there goes the no hitter...
I was typing that out
RA Dickey has a no hitter through 2 innings

jon: What do you say here? That he hasn't given up a run?

me: RA Dickey has a shutout through 2 innings



me: what?!

jon: hahaha

me: did we score?!

4:58 PM - Score 3-1 Mets

me: RA Dickey is on pace to win today after 2 innings

jon: YEAHHH!!!

me: what happened?

jon: 4-3!

5:30 PM - 5-5 tie

via text - me: RA Dickey has not given up a home run for the past 2 games

~Shierholtz with a 1 run shot to take the lead

jon: there's the homer! Now get us another one

7:25 PM - 6-6 tie 10th inning

me: Mets have not lost in the 10th inning this year

jon: F- yes! Huff!

me: Hahahaha

Behold the power of the ANTI-Oracle... You're Welcome.

Laws of the Day

Tim Lincecum has never won in New York

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  1. I've been trying the same thing on Tejada, but nothing seems to help him :(

    Otherwise, Giants are doing great now!