Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama is gone, and so is the Giants' offense

Yes Osama Bin Laden was killed on Sunday, very big news, huge rammifications... Can we get back to how bad the Giants are doing yet?

The Giants have been TURRRIBLE... yes with a U, Pitching has been mediocre to pretty solid, but not good enough when the offense can't crank out any runs against the Nationals of all teams.

4 runs... we managed only 4 runs in 4 games against the Nationals and ended up losing 3 out of 4... oh but we won 1 game! due to a bases loaded walk...

Really... I'm speechless, I have no idea how to describe how badly the Giants have been doing. In the series in Washington, the Giants were 1 for 18 with runners in scoring position... So a guy was on 2nd or 3rd... and the Giants choked 17 out of 18 times!!

If we include the Pirates series where they were 2 for 24, the Giants have gone 3 for 42 with RISP for a .071 Batting Average in that situation. Guess what folks? If you hit .071 with a runner on 2nd or 3rd... YOU DON'T SCORE RUNS!

Not surprisingly, the Giants have been shut out three times in those 7 games and I'm pretty sure the Nationals' pitchers have Aubrey Huff's lunch money.

Can we chalk up some of this to injuries? Sure why not?

Of the people on the DL we have the only Giant who was doing any hitting whatsoever, Pablo Sandoval, but after him its just DeRosa who isn't that big of a difference maker and Barry Zito who's replacement Ryan Vogelsong got one of the few wins last week. Torres is a big hit because he was an offensive spark plug, but Rowand isn't nearly the worst hitter in the lineup right now.

Mostly its the everyday hitters who we should be relying on for some production, such as Aubrey Huff who was 0 for 13 in our nation's capitol despite getting a day off in game 2 to perhaps get some rest and find his swing. Pat Burrell has been equally terrible going 0 for 12 in the series. When you have 2 guys who are questionable defensively, and they both are not hitting that doesn't bode well for your club. Both guys have been swinging at horrible pitches and just trying way too hard.

But please, this is not a scrub lineup we're putting out there. Aubrey Huff had nearly 100 RBI's last year and hit around .300 all year. Pat Burrell hit 18 Homers for the Giants alone. Buster Posey is your 2010 Rookie of the Year, and Freddy Sanchez, a former batting champion, is having a pretty solid year despite some struggles lately. Cody Ross just needs to return to form after coming back from that early season injury.

All in all this is a lineup that SHOULD be putting up runs on the board, but haven't been able to string together any semblance of an offense.

On tap is another start by Vogelsong, we all get to see whether his first game was a fluke or not, and whether the Giants' bats can get it going for him against another horrible team, the New York Mets. Stay tuned...

Laws of the Day

Pablo Sandoval will be out for 7 weeks... (sigh)

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