Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Matt Cain = Flintstone Band Aid

Put pressure on the cut

And the bleeding has stopped...

Matt Cain had a great game tonight, with really just one mistake and the Giants used their non-existent offense to steal game 1 of 3 from the Pirates.

After being the collective scapegoats of a horrible loss on Sunday, the bullpen came together to shutout the Pirates for the better part of 4 innings and the Giants took one in the 10th inning.

Remember that homer that Romo gave up? Well he pitched a perfect 9th tonight to preserve the tie and earned the win. Wilson lost the game on Sunday? Well Blackbeard got the save tonight in the 10th.

The bullpen proved to us that their collective hiccup on Sunday was just that, a hiccup. There are still 9 more games on the road trip so there is still a lot more work to do, such as their offense.

Just Plain Offensive
Over the last 7 games Miguel Tejada has 2 hits...that's 2 for 24. Not a huge sample size, but enough to think that the Giants might want to give DeRosa or Fontenot a start at shortstop at least 2 or 3 games of this 10 games road trip.

Tejada has been hitting .195 on the season so far, and already it seems like the Giants could have done better just bringing up a minor leaguer instead of paying Tejada 6.5 million this year. Yes I had warm tingly feelings when Tejada hit his walk off hit on ring presentation night, but something's gotta give, and I hope that means that Tejada gives more offense.

All in all the Giants have been struggling since the Atlanta series to put runs on the board, but you have to like seeing us get 3 runs the "easy" way (2 sac flies, and ground out RBI). Actually I'm gonna start calling it a Ford Drive of the Game, when Darren Ford scores a run as a pinch runner as he did tonight. Lets hope there are more of those in the rest of the road trip.

Laws of the Day

Major League Baseball finally hired someone to take over the day to day operations of the Dodgers... and they lost today... and yesterday.

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