Thursday, July 30, 2015

So.. Giants didn't get Hamels OR Price: It'll be Okay...

Yes that's David Price wearing a Blue Jays hat....

So the Giants reportedly went hard after Hamels, to the point where he even waived his no-trade clause to the Giants only to lose out to the Rangers.

Then they lost out on David Price for a spectacular overpay of talent by the Blue Jays...

And it'll all be okay.

This isn't just because the Dodgers weren't able to land either of them (which is hilarious by the way).  No it's because even without adding a front line starter, the Giants have enough to make another run this postseason.

First off, let's make a quick comparison of this rotation to last year's World Series rotation shall we?  Last year the playoff rotation was Bumgarner, Peavy, Hudson and Vogelsong.  This year the rotation will probably Bumgarner, Heston, Peavy and Cain, Hudson or Vogelsong whichever out of the 3 who is most stable headed into the playoffs.  That's already a huge improvement on a World Series winning rotation.

Granted, that rotation won last year mainly because Bumgarner became god of all things baseball, but the main point is that the Giants can win it all with what they have right now.

The Dodgers have made their move so far trading for Mat Latos and Alex Wood to bolster their rotation, and in name maybe it sounds good, but have you seen Latos' stats this year?  4.48 ERA with a 4-7 record and 1.25 WHIP.  Does not scream "front line starter" to me or even viable playoff starter.  Alex Wood has been marginally better with a 3.54 ERA, 7-6 record and 1.44 WHIP.

Are these guys going to dominate Peavy and Cain/Hudson/Vogelsong?  Probably not.  Is Grienke better than Heston?  Sure, but I haven't seen anything from Heston that shows me that he couldn't keep the Giants in a game against Grienke and Bumgarner has been making it his hobby to win games against Kershaw.

By the way, this is all assuming the Giants even have to face the Dodgers in the playoffs head to head.  So far the Giants have not faced the Dodgers in any of their past 3 World Series runs as they have either faded in the NLDS or missed the playoffs completely.

Hamels would've been nice to have, but him going to the Rangers means we will most assuredly never face him in the playoffs.  The only time we would have to worry about David Price is if the Blue Jays meet the Giants in the World Series and by the way the AL is shaping up, the Royals look like a freight train that will not be stopped (except possibly by the Giants again).

So as the Giants are about to do, just sit tight and enjoy the team as is.  We might be in for another ride.


Laws of the Day

Of the last 21 teams to acquire a front line starter at the trade deadline none of them have gone on to win the World Series.


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