Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Giants Finally Come Down to Earth

9 straight wins at home, 7 walk-off wins 11-0 at home in 1 run ballgames.

That's just amazing and I had no idea how to explain it. But the lack of offense has finally caught up to the Giants and we lost 5-1 to the Fish and Ricky Nolasco continued his ownage over AT&T.

In a day where the San Jose Sharks ended yet another season in disappointment, the Giants did little to ease the pain, and continued their struggles when a runner is in scoring position.

After hearing groans from the crowd after yet another wasted opportunity by Aubrey Huff in the bottom of the 8th inning, the Giants actually got to Nolasco in the 9th and loaded the bases with a singles from Posey and Cody Ross, and a walk by Pat Burrell to bring up Tejada. Tejada of course only managed a flyball to score Posey on a sac-fly. But that was all the Giants could muster on a night where Nolasco completely dominated the Giants putting them in 0-2 counts all night long and striking out 5 in 8 innings of work.

So far the Giants have been far too reliant on their shutdown pitching and not giving even a few runs of insurance on pesky opponents such as the A's and the Dodgers. In those 5 games however, the Giants somehow found a way to win and to their credit, the offense did do just enough to get the job done. That stretch could have easily been a 2-3 record as opposed to 5-0.

I think despite the world series win last year, its in the makeup of a Giants fan to expect disappointment and letdown. Watching win after win where the Giants just manage to scratch a few runs on the board and guys like Ryan Vogelsong pitch out of their minds, you have to be saying to yourself, "this isn't gonna last."

If any team is going to give that wake up call to the Giants it is the Marlins. What they've been doing this season is out-Giant the Giants. Their offense is nothing special, but its also much more efficient. Their best hitters such as Mike Stanton who has 11 homers, and Gaby Sanchez who's hitting .326 with 7 homers both showed the Giants how the leaders in the lineup should produce. Huff and Posey have both been in power droughts, with Huff in a runners in scoring position drought. Can you name the Giant who currently has the most home runs on the team? Its Panda with 5 who's been injured since May 1st.

For a team that last year seemed to live and die by the long ball, the offense has been dead for well over a month. Its tough to be too critical when you're only a fourth of the way through the season and leading the division at 27-20, but the Giants can't go very far with half a team.

With somewhat of a break from excellent pitching, the Giants face Chris Volstad, who's not a slouch, but not near the type of stuff the Giants were facing yesterday with Nolasco.

Score 5 runs... pleeeeease...

Laws of the Day

Nate Schierholtz went into yesterday's game 2 for 2 against Ricky Nolasco with a home run. He went 0-5 against him yesterday.


  1. We still have hope;) As the most interesting closer in the game said...stay delicious my friend:)

  2. How did you know he said that? Were you at the game?