Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aubrey Huff at 3rd and other WILD possibilities

According to Duane Kiper on KNBR this morning, the idea of putting Aubrey Huff at 3rd base is actually a possibility given the struggles of Mark DeRosa and Miguel Tejada recently.

In unrelated news, the Giants signed Bugs Bunny to a minor league contract and are trying him out at 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, 3rd base, catcher, and all three outfield positions in addition to some relief pitching...

Unless this is a baseball themed "Space Jam" this lack of production out of the Giants is not the product of alien monsters stealing our hitters' talent and storing them in a baseball to be given to our opponents... (Okay enough Looney Tunes references).

As we have passed the first quarter of the season, the following position players have yet to show up except for very brief visits:

Miguel Tejada
Aubrey Huff
Pat Burrell
Mark DeRosa

You could even be inclined to put Buster Posey on that list, because THE Buster Posey is not here right now, as in THE 2010 Rookie of the Year Buster Posey. In fact one telling piece of information is this. Buster Posey has 2 doubles this year in 133 at bats, Jonathan Sanchez has 3 doubles in 17 at bats. In case you were wondering, Buster had 23 doubles last year in 406 at bats. He also hit .305 last year compared to hitting .271 this year.

Basically the news about Huff screams this: The Giants need help ANY way they can. Two moves that coincide with this is that the Giants may call up an infielder from the minors such as Connor Gillespie to play 3rd base, or call up Brandon Belt again to play 1st base. Since Belt was sent down to Triple A, he has crushed the ball prompting many to suggest that his struggles at the beginning of the season was simply major league debut jitters. I think his next call up will be permanent and will give the Giants that boost like what Buster did last year.

Either way we need some sort of offensive spark whether it be from a minor league call up or some of our regulars finding their swings.

Or maybe we could give Bugs a call...

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  1. I'd like to see Belt return just as Burris did, but Tejada actually seems to be improving...although he could only go up from where he was. I think Huff, Pat, and Posey will def come around though:)