Monday, April 4, 2011

Giants are 1-3: Let Widespread Panic Commence!

After a disastrous weekend where we saw the Giants handle defense like a game of hot potato and watch Huff flail in the right field, I think its safe to say that we can only get better from here.

Being that we still have 158 games left, I'm just going to take what I think were the positives of the starting series with the Dodgers.

Belt looks good
The advertising was spot on. Although he hit an uninspiring 2 for 13 the past 4 games, Belt's been having quality at bats and drawing walks. In fact at over .350 on base percentage right now he's 2nd on the team. And also in game 2, he basically hit the game winning home run if it weren't for Jonathan Sanchez's blowup.

Quality 3
Lincecum, Sanchez and Cain all pitched great. Cain was the obvious best performance with 6 shutout innings and a win, but Lincecum also had no earned runs, and Sanchez did pretty well in 5 2/3 with 8 K's despite giving away an easy defensive play to give the Dodgers a run.

Zito isn't that bad...
Zito had a tough inning to give up a Matt Kemp homer, but Kemp has owned Zito in the past. Afterwards Zito settled down and made his pitches. Right now its all about location for Zito. A very perilous place to be as a pitcher, because he basically needs to be perfect in order to get a win.

The Panda Shows Life
Much has been hyped about Pablo Sandoval's 40 lbs makeover in the offseason. What we're seeing now and what we saw in spring training is a guy who's got more power, more agility on defense, and the same "hack-it" approach to the plate. The pitch selection still needs to improve but starting out .333 with a homer and a couple RBI's is not a bad way to start the season.

Laws of the Day

Aubrey Huff #17... Right Field

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