Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ishi's back and Timmy = Mini Hulk

Hello Again!

Guess I didn't have to miss Ishi for long... Ishikawa cleared waivers without any interest from other major league teams and was outrighted to Triple A Fresno.

This doesn't mean however that he has a fresh batch of options. If the Giants end up bringing him back up to the Giants he would either have to stay put or we would have to put him on waivers again. When hearing the news Bochy said that he selfishly was happy to have Ishikawa back, and hopes that he can bring him back to the club sometime during the season.

I said it before and I'll say it here, I love Ishi's work ethic and his approach to the game. If there are injuries this season or if we end up trading away someone *cough rowand cough* then he could be a valuable asset.

The Incredible mini Hulk

As my friend always says J.H. - "Timmy's better when he's angry." Its true. Timmy obviously not happy with being the tough luck loser in the season debut came out firing on all cylinders and struck out 6 of the first 7 batters he faced. After getting lit up for a solo homer by Nick Hundley (who's also on fire) Timmy got ANGRY... and struck out another 7 batters in 7 innings for a grand total of 13 K's.

The offense also got a major lift from the return of Gerald aka Buster aka the DEMP. Posey was 3-5 with a HR and 4 RBI's for his best performance of the season. Oh and by the way, despite his "struggles" early Posey is the only Giant with a 6 game hitting streak

What's on Tap.. brought to you by Tap Plastics...

Cardinals come to town and it is our Home Opener on Friday! Saturday is the ring ceremony where we get our rings, and I believe Friday the banner will be proudly displayed letting all see the glory that is the 2010 World Series Champion Giants!

Laws of the Day

the Panda is hitting .400 in the first 6 games of the season. Isn't it fitting that the sequel comes out this summer?

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  1. I told you! Timmy feeds off his anger. It's pretty awesome to see him pitch when he's angry.

    I was pretty excited to see Ishi come back to the Giants, but a little sad that he couldn't get an everyday job at another club (though, no clubs looking for a 1B). Hopefully we'll see him up here again.

    It's too early to talk about slumps and poor hitting (except Tejada... who the hell swings at the first pitch against a wild pitcher?!). I'm pulling for Panda to go nuts again this year.

    Zito... Cy Young... IT CAN STILL HAPPEN! >.>