Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Farewell Ishi, Welcome Belt

Today is both a sad and happy day for the Giants. We say hello to the new guard, Posey 2.0 aka Brandon Belt, but we also say goodbye to a consumate professional, Travis Ishikawa.

Ishikawa was let go today shortly after the last spring training game. Unfortunately the Giants couldn't drum up any interest for him in the trade market so he was released.

With Brandon Belt waiting in the wings it was only a matter of time that Ishi was let go. Although he was valuable last year as a left handed pinch hitter and a 1st baseman defensive replacement. Brandon Belt serves these same roles and adds that he is the 1st baseman of the future for the Giants.

I always wanted Ishi to succeed, but in the end he just didn't do enough in his small window to show he deserved to be an everyday player. All to best to him in the future.

Other guys who were let go earlier was Suppan this morning and Vogelsong after today's game. Vogelsong will go to Triple A and serve as our injury replacement starter should we need one. Others to make it were Runzler and Mota. Both made the cut probably thanks to Brian Wilson staying on the DL for the first 5 games of the season.

Nate Shierholtz and Rowand also can breathe for now since Cody Ross is still on the DL.


Rookie of the Year - HAHA... no really its Brandon Belt we don't even have another rookie...

Surprise Player of the Year - Pablo Sandoval - I see him going back to what he wow'd us with in his rookie year. He's already showing much more discipline at the plate recently and was a top 10 sportscenter play yesterday in his diving grab in last night's game.

Old Reliable (Bullpen)- Jeremey Affeldt - Affeldt was plagued by injuries last year but this year I see him entrenching himself as the Giants' new set up man

Old Reliable (Starters) - Matt Cain - year after year Matty does what he does and stays consistent.

Homer Happy - Aubrey Huff - last year he paced the team with the most homers, and starting off spring scorching doesn't hurt. He'll have some competition this year from Ross, Posey and Burrell, but I think he holds onto the crown

Laws of the Day

Linecum on the Hill TOMORROW

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