Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Giants vs. the Albatross(es) ... and other news

Long time since the last post, and rightfully so... its spring and not much has been going on. Even good news is tempered to the degree of a baby's footsteps.

Panda hit a couple of homers? great!.. but its spring... so Shhhhh...

The only big ticket item was the story by Bruce Jenkins (SF Chronicle) saying that Zito is on precarious ground with the Giants and risks being dropped from the roster altogether.

This of course was followed by an immediate meeting between Zito and Bochy where Bochy desperately tries to reassure his delicate millionaire 4th starter. Sabean also chimes in and tells us that the story simply isn't true. All after Barry's FIRST spring start where he walked 5 batters.

Since then he's had a few more starts including the first 5 inning start from any of the starters and allowed only 1 hit and zero runs.

Bruce Jenkins' story on why this latest performance proves that the Giants should keep Zito around has still not hit the presses...

Meanwhile the crowded outfield and Brandon Belt's continued tearing up of all pitches thrown in his general direction are prompting further rumors of Aaron Rowand's inevitable departure.

Rowand's story is much like Zito's. A young durable player who was paid way too much, is now stuck on a team where their roles are diminishing. When Andres Torres is your starting center fielder, and when Ryan Vogelsong and Jeff Suppan look like they're capable of being a much more competent 5th starter than Zito, its tough to say we need to keep Zito and Rowand around because we're pot committed. Even if that pot is worth $88 million over the next 3 years (between Rowand and Zito)

The point is, the Giants owe them that $88 million whether or not they wear a Giants uniform. I don't see the Giants releasing either player unless another team is willing to part with something for either of them, or take on at least some of their salary obligations.

So for now, lets just enjoy our $126 million 4th starter and hope he gets to double digit wins this year and has some sort of resurgence.

Laws of the Day

Days til Season Opener: 21


  1. Zito, Cy Young this year (or at least be in the running). I will stand by that.

  2. Wow... that's a bold statement my friend...