Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Trade Deadline Miracle!

Giants Stand Pat and Win a Baseball Game

He's all ours...
Joy of Joys!  Look who the Giants just acquired retained, power hitting right fielder Hunter Pence, inconsistent 2-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum and playoff tested lefty specialist, Javier Lopez!

In case you were hoping that the Giants would make some waves and acquire some young talent to shore up the farm system you were probably disappointed as the Giants decided to stand pat and attempt to re-sign all their impending free agents.

Oh, and the Dodgers lost.  Best... Trade Deadline Day... EVER!

Yes, the Giants decided to keep all their potential free agents, and in case you didn't notice they also kept the player who had the most to do with Wednesday night's win.  Chad Gaudin who is making a paltry $750,000 this year might be in line for a raise this winter after the Giants discovered Gaudin can actually start and actually keep runs off the board (take notes Zito).  Gaudin is 5-2 with a 2.64 ERA, probably the Giants' most effective and stable starter for the past few months.

It's easy to say after a 9-2 win that the Giants made the right decision in not making any moves, but they really did.

Would it have been nice to get a young stud starter in return for Lopez?  Sure.  But according to Sabean the Giants weren't getting any offers even close to Lopez's true value.  In lieu of getting some mid to lower level prospect in return for perhaps the best lefty specialist in the game, I'd be just as happy to re-sign Lopez for next year's playoff run.

As it pertains to Pence, I've already said here that the Giants' best option in right field is Pence, Pence and more Pence.  There are zero options in free agency and Pence has shown that he can play well here and be a steady presence in the middle of the order.

I'm not as sold on keeping Timmy, but giving him a qualifying offer of $14 million so that the Giants can either keep him or get the compensatory draft pick is also the smartest move here as well.


One thing we can look forward to is some of the kids coming in and showing what they can do.

Brett Pill and Roger Kieschnick both rewarded Bruce Bochy for their starts and combined for 5 hits and 6 RBIs.  Pill actually helped the Giants come out of their homerless streak and was followed by Brandon Crawford's solo home run to make it 9-1 Giants in the top of the 7th.

But before you get too excited, remember that these guys aren't exactly kids anyway.  Pill is 28 years old, turning 29 in September, and Kieschnick is 26.  Both are old for minor league standards and the chances that they spontaneously become viable everyday starters is slim at best.  Still, watching Pill go 3-5 with a homer is infinitely better than watching Brandon Belt grab his 2nd golden sombrero of the year last Saturday.

More on Chad Gaudin: Gaudin got his first major league hit tonight and it also happened to drive a run home. At this point other than groping people, this guy can do no wrong.  The Giants did not have any public offers for Gaudin, but you have to think that teams who needed a long reliever for a stretch run inquired about Gaudin's availability.

Laws of the Day

The Giants had not scored more than 5 runs since July 13 when they also scored 9 runs in Timmy's no-hitter before the All-Star break.  Yes, that seems like a long time ago, because it was a long time ago.

Another thing that happened a long time ago was the last time the Giants hit a home run.  Buster Posey hit a home run on July 20th to back a Matt Cain win.  Brett Pill broke that streak with his solo homer in the 7th.

Oh and Brandon Crawford hit his first home run since APRIL!  Remember when he was pacing Pablo and Buster for home run lead on the team in the early goings?  I wish he'd homer more, he's got one of the prettiest home run swings on the team.  See exhibit A

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