Friday, August 2, 2013

Big Boy Pants Part Deux

One of these is too much like the other
Ever since Bruce Bochy announced after the trade deadline that the Giants need to put their big boy pants on, this team has been undefeated.

The Giants with the help of the Fresno twosome, Pill and Kieschnick beat the Phillies with a 9th inning rally to back Matt Cain's gem and the Giants 2nd win in a row.  That's 2 games in a row that the Fresno kids appeared in a game with Pill getting the start again today and Kieschnick getting the pinch hit opportunity which he cashed in for another RBI hit, his 3rd in 2 days.

But mainly, this game ended up being about that thing we all love to hate "Giants TORTURE"

Having just taken a 2-1 lead in the top of the 9th a bearded closer came in for the Giants and promptly loaded the bases with 2 errors and a hit batter.  That closer then somehow coaxed 2 pop ups and a ground out to send the Philly crowd booing on their way to the exits.

Oh yeah that was Romo by the way.  Just a day after hearing that Brian Wilson decided to sign with the Dodgers, Romo reminded me why I don't miss that guy at all.

Sure when I first heard that Wilson wouldn't be a Giant, I got sort of sentimental.  Romo basically said, "remember when wins looked like THIS?!"  I think I threw up a little in my mouth...

Either way, the Giants won a game as if they were still a good team (psst... they are) which began the cascade of comments from talking heads and fans like, keep the team the way it is!  Or we just need one more arm/bat!  I agree soundly if that's possible.

The Giants won the World Series last year with this exact same group minus Pagan and Vogelsong.  A lot has been said about what this team is missing or what they need to do in the offseason to make a run next year.  Really the way this is, if the Giants can simply keep guys like Pence and Lincecum for one more year I don't see why the Giants can't do well.

The Giants won the entire thing with a 2012 Lincecum that was much worse than this 2013 version.  If the 2014 version is anything like the 2013 version or better, the Giants can have a shot so long as guys like Cain, Vogelsong and Sandoval have bounce back years.

This is not a team that needs to rebuild, this is a team that has a core that's ready to win right now.  Take a look at the guys we have under control for at least the next two years:

Buster Posey
Matt Cain
Madison Bumgarner
Marco Scutaro
Angel Pagan
Brandon Belt
Brandon Crawford
Santiago Casilla
Jeremy Affeldt
Gregor Blanco

Sandoval, Romo and Mijares are all under control next year as well and will be trying to impress in their contract year.

It's not time to rebuild, it's time to reload.

Laws of the Day

Roger Kieschnick (I totally owned the spelling of that name today) has had 3 hits in 6 at bats to start his major league career and has knocked in a run each time.

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