Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Masters of the Improbable Universe


How in the world did that all happen?  The Giants have won Game 1 and I'm not even sure they know what just happened.  I am in complete shock and I'm not sure what powers are at work here.  I only hope that those powers keep on working.

Here are a few things that just DO NOT HAPPEN.

#1 First of all, no one hits home runs against Justin Verlander.  If someone does hit one off Justin Verlander you most certainly don't do it twice.  Pablo Sandoval did it tonight, and he added another one off Albuquerque for good measure for a total of 3 home runs in his first 3 at bats.  Okay so maybe not impossible, but you know the other guys who've hit 3 home runs in a world series game?  Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols oh and Babe Ruth did it twice...

#2 Rally's don't start with choppers to third.  Choppers to third go in the category of bad at bats, and the perpetrators should be punished, not celebrated.  Angel Pagan hit one, and on the 2nd bounce, hit the 3rd base bag.  Lance Lynn would've been proud at the accuracy.  All Miguel Cabrera could do was look on in complete disbelief because that just does not happen.

#3 Barry Zito does not hit RBI single's off anyone.  So by rule he also doesn't hit RBI singles in back to back games, and concurrently does not hit an RBI single off the best pitcher on the planet.  Zito has done all these things.  How did he rifle a 97 mph fastball past Miguel Cabrera?  Bunt single in the NLCS?  The improbability is getting ridiculous

#4 You do not do a human replay reel of your own spectacular defensive play against two of the top hitters in the league.  Gregor Blanco made an amazing catch off Miguel Cabrera to end a threat in the 1st inning and then again to Prince Fielder.  Blanco didn't even do much with his bat, but try to tell me that Melky Cabrera gets to either of those balls.

#5 Double plays do not occur with the batter tapping the ball directly in front of home plate.  Delmon Young hit one that traveled a total distance of 2 inches in front of home plate and he just stood there slack jawed as Posey tagged him out and then threw to 2nd for a tag of Prince Fielder to complete probably one of the weirdest double plays in a playoff game or any game I've ever seen.  On top of the fact that it was weird, but it was a huge play since Delmon was up to bat with Prince on 1st with none out.

#6 A Cy Young winner does not relieve a Cy Young winner in a game in which their team is beating a current Cy Young winner.  Barry Zito pitched 5 and 2/3's allowing only 1 run to score, and Tim Lincecum contributed 2 and 1/3 of perfect relief including 5 strikeouts to prove that 2 Cy's are better than 1.

#7 An overpriced superstar who has struggled for the better part of 5 years does not beat the best pitcher on the planet in Game 1 of the World Series.

The winning pitcher for Game 1 of the 2012 World Series was Barry Zito.  Keep reading that sentence and maybe you'll believe it too.

Laws of the Day

Pablo Sandoval's 13 total bases (3 homers and a single) stands alone as the 2nd of all time in a World Series game.  (Albert Pujols is 1st with 3 homers and a double).

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