Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series Preview!!

The 2010 World Series is UPON US

I am so excited at the prospect of having home field advantage and potentially having the first World Series Champions in San Francisco. But there's a lot of work to be done, as Giants get ready today to throw out the first pitchg at 4:57PM.

As much as the last series was dominated by pitching, I don't think the world series will be much different. Especially when the Giants have the rotation that they have. So to get you all ready I've prepared what I did for the NLCS, and that is a Pitching breakdown of the two world series teams:

Tim Lincecum vs. Cliff Lee

This is probably the largest hill the Giants have to climb. After getting wins in games started by Roy Halladay, Cole Hammels, and Roy Oswalt, the Giants have some experience going against the best the Major Leagues have to offer. But Cliff Lee has become more than man, he is Legend. 7-0 in the postseason, 3-0 this year with a 0.97 ERA. He is the lifeforce of this Texas Rangers team.

The good news is that I think in order for Texas to win this series, Cliff Lee has to win both games that he pitches in. The bad news is that Cliff Lee is undefeated and may do just that.

The flip side of that, is that the Rangers have to face the defending 2-time NL Cy Young winner, our very own BIG TIME TIMMY JIM. Timmy has pitched sensationally this postseason, despite losing a close game 5 which was dictated more by defensive gaffes than his pitching, Timmy has shown that he can handle baseballs biggest stage. In case you didn't see his 14 K complete game shutout, this guy can surprise anyone.

However, with the legendary status of Cliff Lee, Timmy will have his work cut out for him, and will have to prove that he can match up to Lee's mastery.

Edge: Cliff Lee

Matt Cain vs. CJ Wilson

Matt Cain has been exactly what the Giants needed, a steady workhorse who has not changed at all during the playoffs. Through his two starts so far in the playoffs, Matty has a 0.00 ERA. Yes that is correct, Matt "Shotgun" Cain has not given up a run during his short playoff career. His last effort was a 3-0 dismantling of the 2009 NL Champion Phillies to outduel Cole Hammels.

CJ Wilson had a respectable playoff start beating the Tampa Bay Rays and allowing no runs, but could not hold on to a Game 1 decision against the yankees, and faltered again in game 5 allowing 5 runs in a 7-2 loss to the Yankees. Of course, giving up runs to the Yankees is not even close to facing the Giants, but I'll still tip my cap in the direction of our boy Cainer.

Edge: Matt Cain

Jonathan Sanchez vs. Colby Lewis

Jonathan Sanchez came into the postseason as probably the Giants' hottest pitcher, winning the game to clinch the Giants' playoff spot against the Padres in game 162. However, Sanchez looked shaky in his Game 6 start, with little command and without his usual 91-92 mph velocity in his fastball. Although it was a great story to see the bullpen come together for that Game 6 win, questions surround Sanchez's ability to close it out if this series reaches a potential game 7.

Colby Lewis has been stellar this postseason allowing 3 runs over 18 2/3 innings and defeating the Yankees in Game 6 6-1 to propel the Rangers into the postseason. He now faces a Giants team he has very little experience against, but his start will be in the friendly setting of Arlington, Texas.

Edge: Colby Lewis

Madison Bumgarner vs. Tommy Hunter

Bumgarner has played amazingly for coming into his very first major league season (see Buster Posey) and showed poise in his game 4 win in Atlanta to win the NLDS. However, his first NLCS start showed that the playoff grind might be catching up to him when he allowed 4 straight hits to the Phillies and was taken out of the game in the 5th inning. He appeared again in Game 6 in 2 scoreless innings of relief, despite working in trouble most of the time. Still, we're not here without Bumgarner and he has shown that he deserves to be on this world series staff.

Tommy Hunter has struggled throughout the playoffs, having never pitched past the 5th inning in both his starts. There is a chance that Hunter doesn't even start Game 4, and Manager Ron Washington will start Cliff Lee in Game 4 which would make him available for Game 7 as well. For now, Washington has said that he is putting in Hunter who was 13-4 over the regular season

Edge: Madison Bumgarner

I am not suffering any delusions here, this is a very tough Texas Rangers team that beat the defending World Champion Yankees in convincing fashion. The only comfort I have is that this year, we've seen time and time again, that the Giants have found a way to win. The hero this series might be a sequel of the Cody Ross Show, or it could be focused on the rookie who replaced Bengie Molina, Mr. Gerald Posey.

We wont know til tonight. I can't wait!

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  1. Great pitching breakdown! I'm betting on the Giants all the way:)