Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enter the Panda....

the Panda is BACK boys and girls, fresh off a nice at bat in game 2 where he induced a walk, I think its time to unleash the Panda and see how he does with a more patient attitude.

Uribe is out of the lineup again, and Bochy has decided to keep Torres on the bench and go with the more steady Renteria in the leadoff spot. I know people like Torres in there because he can wreak havoc on the base paths, but you can't really do much damage when you're striking out 5 times in 4 at bats (not a typo).

Therefore Aaron Rowand is getting another start in Center Field against Blanton who he's had mild success over.

Bumgarner gets the ball today in a game 4 that could either extend torture or put the Phillies in a death grip....

... hopefully its a Kung Fu Panda Deathgrip!

SS Renteria
2B Sanchez
1B Huff
C Posey
LF Burrell
RF Ross
3B Sandoval
CF Rowand
P Bumgarner

Laws of the Day

Pat Burrell is 3 for 12 against Joe Blanton for a pedestrian .250 batting average... but all 3 hits were home runs.

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