Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Affeldt, Check. Pagan, Check. Scutaro, Check: When Does Spring Training Start?

So the Giants' offseason seems to have resembled their World Series.  Get the job done as soon as possible and with the least amount of drama.

NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro
With the small wrinkle that Scutaro was entertaining an offer from the Cardinals rumored to be for 2 years and $16 million, there was little competition for the Giants' free agent targets.  Pagan was being courted by the Phillies, while I'm not sure any team really made offers to Affeldt.

The Giants quickly finished off their to do list and here is the final tally: Affeldt 3 years/18 million, Pagan 4 years/40 million, Scutaro 3 years/20 million.

Larry Baer was quoted saying that the Giants' payroll this year would rise to around $140 million up from $130 million last year.  Honestly I think most Giants fans are more than happy that the team decided to hold on to their world series team.

If you look at the lineup now, it is exactly the same as it was during the playoff run and is something the Giants were unable to do in 2011.  Uribe probably did the Giants a favor anyway by signing with the Dodgers.

Many have been saying how Scutaro's contract probably is a little high, but honestly when your alternative options are Jeff Keppinger or some other guy you haven't heard of, it's probably not the worst thing in the world to overpay slightly just so that we have a proven #2 hitter and 2nd baseman to sign.

Ryan Theriot also remains in the mix and may sign with the Giants as a utility infielder as well as Joaquin Arias who proved very valuable as both a pinch runner and as a defensive replacement for Sandoval.

Other than that all we really have to wait for is to see whether Brian Wilson comes to his senses and realizes that no one, but the Giants really want him and that he should take whatever incentive laden deal the Giants are willing to put in front of him.  I don't see the Giants looking at Nick Swisher or any other high priced free agents anymore as the payroll has already reached the $140 million range that Larry Baer was talking about.

So in the end the Giants spent $78 million on 3 free agents and as much as it sounds, they were all very sound investments and good deals for the way the market was shaping out to be.  Shane Victorino whom the Giants were looking at in case Angel Pagan declined his offer, accepted a 3 year $39 million deal from the Red Sox today making the 4 year $40 million deal for Pagan look like a steal.  Prior to the Affeldt deal was finalized the Dodgers paid a much less talented right handed reliver, Brandon League, $22 million for 3 years.

Although the NL West rival Dodgers may still make a big move this offseason in pursuing Grienke, the Giants are basically complete and can make minor moves to solidify the 2013 roster.  No matter what you think of the deals made, you've gotta love the Giants' mentality of just getting the job done as quickly as possible.  Just their latest sweep.

Laws of the Day

With the exception of Hunter Pence, the Giants have locked up every position player through the 2014 season.

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