Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Giants are on Frustration's Peak

The Giants look lost.  

Not only are they fresh off a sweep, and losing to a sub .500 team in the Mets, they just simply look like they're searching for someone else to make it all better.  

Unfortunately, one of the orchestrators of tonight's short lived comeback, Mr. Schierholtz actually wants to be out of San Francisco by 1:00 PM tomorrow.  

Please let it be a trade for Scott Hairston so we can lock him up so he can never hit against us for the rest of his career.  I honestly have never seen a hitter so ordinary become such an offensive juggernaut against only the Giants.  It defies logic, sense and all natural and unnatural laws.  Scott Hairston was born, bred and designed to destroy the hopes and dreams of thousands of Giants fans and the Giants themselves.  

Meanwhile, the Giants don't look like they're getting much help at all from the front office, not that its all their fault.  

The rumors today have floated for players like Hunter Pence, Brandon League, Jonathan Broxton, Shane Victorino, Justin Morneau and even a statement from Alfonso Soriano that he would definitely not lift his no-trade clause for the Giants (same to you buddy).

However, the Dodgers ended up getting Brandon League to bolster their bullpen after already grabbing Hanley Ramirez to help sweep the Giants over the weekend.  

The lone silver lining in all the terrible news is that Marco Scutaro had 3 hits tonight and got on base 4 times as the leadoff hitter.  However he's supposed to only be a band aid for the Giants while Panda is on the DL.  

Do I want the Giants to mortgage the future of the club to get Hunter Pence tomorrow?  Probably not, but standing pat will not get the Giants any closer to the playoffs let alone a shot at a World Series this year.  

Maybe this is all for naught anyway, The Giants will not be able to do anything in the postseason without an effective Tim Lincecum, and he's shown time and time again that he is not the same guy who helped the Giants win the World Series less than 2 years ago.  In which case trading away prospects that could help us in a future without Tim Lincecum seems to be a complete and utter waste of good talent.  

The flipside of it is that in a playoff situation and atmosphere, perhaps it may be enough to make Timmy step up and perform the way he's meant to.  In which case you'd better have a sturdy bullpen and lineup behind him.  

If a right handed bat like Pence or Morneau can get that done, then why not?  

We'll see in 13 hours.

Laws of the Day

Oakland A's broke their own club record of striking out 20+ times in a game.  I know this isn't a Giants factoid, but it makes me feel a little better...

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