Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Freddy Sanchez's Return Puts Giants in a Bind

Who would have thought that just a few weeks into the season I'd be saying that we might not need Freddy Sanchez to return?

With Emanuel Burriss having a great start of the year and being backed up by Theriot, 2nd base looks pretty good from where I'm sitting. Some of you think I'm crazy for saying we wouldn't drop Theriot at the drop of a hat for Sanchez, but the fact is that we don't know how healthy Freddy can be this year. If you drop Theriot you run the risk that we may not have a viable option at 2nd base if Burriss doesn't pan out or if Freddy is injured.

Here's the other thing. The Giants are carrying essentially 3 1st basemen, all of whom I don't want to go down to AAA or be dropped. There's been a case made for a trade of Huff, but no one is going to want him this early in the season and not unless the Giants take care of a large portion of the $10 million he's owed this year.

Brandon Belt has struggled a bit so far, but I really don't think the Giants want to continue playing yo-yo with this guy's career. I really feel for the guy, he's never really gotten a fair shake at the 1st base position. And really we can't send Brett Pill down because he's been hitting close to .400 since spring training.

So where does that leave us? It leaves the Giants with a very difficult decision to make regarding the return of Freddy Sanchez. Burriss is out of options, so we cannot send him down to AAA, only drop him. Theriot is a veteran and would also need to be dropped. The only guys the Giants can drop with safety are Brett Pill and Brandon Belt. For this reason alone I think unfortunately that Brandon Belt will go down to AAA in favor of Freddy.

I will add this footnote, that if it is determined that Freddy can take the vigors of the baseball season and his shoulder is feeling fine, then we may drop Theriot in a few months and bring Brandon right back up and hopefully to stay.

Laws of the Day

My favorite new Giant has to be Hector Sanchez, this guy just looks so comfortable at the plate, he only does what the pitcher gives him, going opposite field, jacking a home run yesterday.  What I found most interesting, is that even Kruk and Kuip were surprised that yesterday he hit his first career home run.  That's how this guy makes you feel, like he's been playing forever.  

Target Return for Freddy Sanchez: May 11

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