Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Barry Zito = Best SF Starting Pitcher... of the week

...so far...

The Giants started the season 0-3 under the care of Lincecum, Bumgarner, Cain and a shaky defense. So naturally when you need a stopper to avoid the Giants' first 0-4 start to a season since before color TV, you look to your highest paid pitcher: Barry Zito.

Zito burned through the first 8 hitters with incredible efficiency before prompting groans from Giants fans by giving up a single to the Rockies' pitcher Chacin. But Zito kept hammering the strike zone with his 87 mph heater and actually got good use of his curveball, changeup and cutter. In a season where 49 Jamie Moyer is on the Rockies' starting rotation, we're seeing what may be another miracle in a turnaround from Zito.

Of course this is only one game, and Zito's control is really all he has left, so if he has a game where that control wavers or is lost for a second, balls get launched ever so easily to the moon.

The one thing we don't have to worry about as much? The offense.. yes that's right I'm worried about our starting pitching, but praising the offense. The Giants haven't been hitting great, but runs are appearing on the board. 21 runs in 4 games (that's 5.25 runs/game for you math challenged people). Last year the Giants were nearly unbeatable if they scored 3 runs or more, but so far in our very young season the Giants are 1-3.

Last thought on yesterday's win. Did you notice who was catching Zito yesterday? Hector Sanchez our new backup catcher and from the looks of it, a possible everyday catcher once Posey makes the move to first base. Sanchez absolutely raked in spring training leapfrogging him over both Whiteside and Stewart to become the Giants' only backup catcher.

I couldn't be loving the move more at this point. Not only did he get a hit in a bases loaded situation, but he caught Zito beautifully. Because of yesterday's game I see Hector coming in to be Zito's primary catcher with a spot start here or there when Posey needs rest.

Speaking of rest, the Giants are off today, but stay tuned tomorrow as I'm planning on tackling what I think Timmy might need to change in his delivery.

Laws of the Day

Cain + Lincecum + Bumgarner's ERA = 8.22

Zito's ERA = 0.00

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