Friday, September 2, 2011

Last Chance

This is it, the Giants' most important series of the year. I don't think I need to add any puffery to this to hit home the point that this series with Arizona will be the last chance for the Giants to make a playoff run.

After a miserable August, the Giants find themselves in a 6 game hole. Coincidentally, that is also the amount of games the Giants have left against the first place Diamondbacks.

It comes down to this:




These guys have been the most consistent pitchers on the roster and without them I'm sure the Giants are not even this close to first. If the Giants are to get to the playoffs, we need them to shine this series. With the recent bad games from Vogelsong and Lincecum's bad start, its all terrible timing and you hope that they're experiencing a momentary hiccup and will be back on track by their next starts.

But still, just having our starters perform well is not enough as we have seen over and over again. We need something more... we need...


No seriously... He's starting in left tonight, and most importantly, that probably means that 0 for 20 bagillion Cody Ross will not be in the lineup. If there's anything I like about Pat in the lineup is that he's patient, he takes his time at the plate and is selective in taking swings.

Last year you could tell the effect he had on the whole lineup when he was inserted and showed guys what it looked like to only swing at good pitches.

With Keppinger heating up and Panda showing some life with a solo homer on Tuesday, there are some things that we can look forward to seeing.

3 games

If we win them all, we have a shot, if we lose 2 out of 3... say goodnight...

Laws of the Day

Cain vs. Saunders in game 1

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