Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Beard Brigade needs a new nickname!

With the ungodly numbers the bullpen has been putting up this month, I think its time we start to think of a nickname for the collective arms we have at our disposal. Brian Wilson obviously leads this rag tag bullpen with his antics and torturous 9th innings. But naming an entire bullpen is difficult because you are required to come up with a name that encompasses the bullpen as a whole, and does not simply apply to a few guys.

Additionally, it would also be a nice touch to include something that speaks specifically to the Giants, or to San Francisco. To have all these things in mind, makes for a very difficult nickname-ing task.

To demonstrate the difficulty I've been having with this, I'll take you through my own ideas and ultimately why they don't work:

The Beard Brigade

- Can't we just party like its 2010? Well unfortunately no, because not everyone in the bullpen has a beard, and thankfully so. This was fun last year, but we need to move on.

Voltron Force

- Personally I think this name is awesome, it implies that the bullpen pitchers come together and then we win. Unfortunately I feel like this reference is lost on many non-nerds, and could just as easily be the name of an opposing team's bullpen.

The Magnificent Seven

- Classy and to the point, again the problem is that its too easy to call another bullpen the magnificent seven, as most bullpens have 7 pitchers.

The Torture Chamber

- This works again to the more 2010 version Giants of torture, but it still is very much alive and well so can apply to the 2011 team. The only drawback here is whether it might as well be called Guantanamo.

The Nasty Boys

- This is a nickname of the 1990 Cincinati Reds bullpen that helped the Reds on their way to a World Championship. Works for the Giants' bullpen as well, but might be better to be original.

House of Pain

- This is similar to Torture Chamber, with the added twist that House of Pain sings the song "Jump Around", Brian Wilson's entrance music. This is probably my favorite one as it has something to do with the team, and our familiar torture theme.

But enough of my rambling, I need some help. Come up with a good name for the bullpen and I plan on submitting a list to the Murph and Mac Show who are actively searching for a good nickname. This is a chance to make history folks!

Laws of the Day

The Giants Bullpen has a 0.29 ERA in the month of July


  1. The Zero Machine's slogan: "Welcome to K-Town, population YOU."