Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blackbeard is BACK... and he's got presents

In the spirit of writing a blog on a high note instead of a low one, I've decided to preempt the Lily vs. Sanchez game and let you all revel in the victory yesterday on Tim Lincecum Day.

Here are some plays to hang your hat on:

Timmy showing off his defensive prowess and sliding to his knees for a groundout of Andre Ethier (#6 on Sportscenter's Top Plays)

Uribe striking out AND getting hit on the elbow and watching him mouth (TWO F*KING TIMES!)

Mota with a wicked strikeout and then induces a popup to save Timmy from an ugly inning.

Rowand with a triple off the Triples Alley sign and then getting the winning run due to a wild pitch.

The Beard's Return - 3 up 3 down, 3 strikeouts... YOU'RE WELCOME

In Other News....

Belt was practicing yesterday in Right Field making him a bit more versatile in case Huff's struggles in the outfield make him a 1st baseman only.

As much as I'm excited about Belt being a part of this team, its hard not to second guess Sabean's decision to bring him up at the beginning of this season. Belt did break a 0-fer streak of 9 with a single last night, but also flubbed on a groundball that allowed a run to score.

Yes he's young, but he could've been "young" at AAA where it doesn't cost the Giants a roster spot that could've allowed Ishikawa to stay on the team.

Torres and Ross are still out, but Torres will NOT be placed on the DL and will take batting practice to see if his heel is okay. Ross who was out with a calf strain seems to be getting a lot better and should see action as early as next week.

For those keeping score at home, here are our outfielders:

LF - Pat Burrell
CF - Aaron Rowand
RF - Aubrey Huff


LF - Mark DeRosa
RF - Nate Schierholtz
RF? - Brandon Belt


Andres Torres - Achilles strain
Cody Ross - Calf strain

Yes... we have 8 people who can play in the outfield now (6 without the injured people)

Laws of the Day

Brandon Belt is 2 for 15 on the homestand for a .133 Batting Avg.

His batting average for the year is .158

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  1. They were talking about putting Belt in RF during the road trip to AZ and CO. It actually makes sense since those ballparks have a lot of ground to cover... I don't trust Huff in RF (a lot of people don't) and I'd rather see him on 1B.

    We'll see what they do, but putting a speedier Belt out in RF could be the way to go.