Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're still the CHAMPIONS... my friends....

Yes, in case you were wondering, its all true. The Giants won the first World Series in San Francisco History, and they still have the trophy to prove it.

I have Giants World Series gear including a frame of the San Francisco Chronicle to prove it also. And I bought that little itunes movie about the Giants 2010 season on my iphone...

As much as I want to continue to talk about the greatness that was this past season, I do want to take a look at the free agent class this year to see what we might want to get better and go for a possible repeat. (Not that I really care, I can watch Brian Wilson strike out Nelson Cruz for the rest of my life).

Free Agent Class 2011 !!!

Giants Needs:

Position Players:
We need a shortstop with Renteria and Uribe both free agents, and a corner infielder at either 1st or 3rd base.

Relief Pitchers:
Every team could use more middle relief but I like who we have, who are all under contract, Romo, Runzler, Ray, Lopez, Ramirez, Affeldt and Casilla.

Starting Pitchers:
Are you kidding me?

The bad news is that this year has one of the worst free agent classes in recent memory with very little star power, and very little depth at the positions that the Giants need.
Of those needs for a competent corner infielder or shortstop here are the options we have:

1st Base

Aubrey Huff - Huff Daddy was the leader of this Giants clubhouse that went on to win the World Series this year. There is really no doubt in my mind that the Giants will re-sign him and probably overpay him a bit to make sure he stays. I have absolutely no problem with that at all, give him double what he's worth for all I care, he helped us get a friggin World Series!!

Adam Laroche - Adam Laroche had a statistically identical year to Huff and yet we offered to pay him at least 3 times as much with a 3 year deal and yet he turned us down. Bad career choice there Adam... We don't want you anymore.

Adam Dunn - hitting 40 home runs makes up for horifically bad defense right? ... As much as I'd love a masher in the lineup I'd much rather have Aubrey come back to the Giants than to sign Dunn and his suspect defense to a multi-year deal. If Brandon Belt weren't waiting in the wings to do his best Posey impression next year I think I might be more tempted.

Lance Berkman - fresh off a great season with the Yankees, Sir Lance-alot always scares me in terms of his health and durability. His power isn't really what it used to be, and I don't think the Giants really need him.

3rd Base:

Adrian Beltre - Beltre is probably one of the, if not the best infielder on the market this winter after his great season with the Red Sox. He also happens to be the only 3rd baseman worth a look at in this free agent class. There's absolutely no way the Giants are going to pony up the cash necessary to sign a guy like Beltre, but it would be very interesting if the Giants do make a move, and force Panda into a bench role.


Derek Jeter - His Jeterness will never leave the Kingdom of New York, and I simply put his name on here to hit home the fact that we only have one guy we need to sign here...

Juan Uribe - UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- RIIIBEE!!!!! - Juan captured the hearts of Giants fans this season if not last season, and was probably one of the most clutch hitters in the lineup. If we are to have any type of success next year, I believe we need to have Uribe back.

Edgar Renteria - The World Series MVP should've hung up the batting helmet after his world series winning home run and rode off into the sunset. At this point I don't see the Giants signing him to a deal worth more than 3 million and not for more than 1 year. If he's down for that, then it doesn't hurt to have both Renteria and Uribe since the Panda does not seem ready to fill that 3rd base role full time next year.

As bleak as this free agent class looks, at least it seems that our former players are still some of the best options out there to fill our open slots. Keep it simple Sabes and just re-sign Uribe and Huff and lets go at this again.

Laws of the Day

Is it Fan Fest yet?

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  1. We have some great talent in the minors too! Brandon Belt and Ehire Adrianza. Maybe we'll have another rookie of year candidate?