Monday, November 29, 2010


The unthinkable has occurred... The Los Angeles Dodgers has signed Juan Uribe to a 3 year deal, reportedly worth $21 million.

Really this makes little sense money wise for the Dodgers who are hurting as it is with the ongoing divorce battle with the McCourts and an ever-aging team. But to steal one of the most beloved Giants the last 2 seasons and give him a astronomically high offer just to take him is low even for the Dodgers.

The rational side of me is saying... its all good. The Dodgers just wasted a crapload of money for a guy who really only has 1-2 good years left and had a career year last year with the Giants. Even if he duplicates that success all 3 seasons with the Dodgers he still isn't really worth $7 million a year. Uribe has a career .300 on base precentage and his 24 homers last year are the only bright spot on his resume.

The emotional side: ... THE DODGERS!?! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME?!?!

In the spirit of HATE that has transpired here after a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to put up another top 10 list:


10. Jeff Kent - The former sidekick of the more talented and infamous "Barry," we hated him when he made his way into a Dodger uniform. However after retirement the good memories of him as a Giant have resurfaced, and Giants' brass saw fit to put Kent on our wall of fame

9. Manny Ramirez - just because everybody hates Manny (also see A-Rod)

8. Chase Utely - I hate him because Jonathan Sanchez hates him nuff sed.

7. A.J. Pierzynski - we traded rookie phenom Francisco Liriano and All Star closer Joe Nathan for this clown... AND he reportedly kneed Giants trainer Stan Conte in the crotch... classy...

6. Juan Uribe - From hitting game winning homers for the Giants one month, to signing with our archrivals the next. Its a conflicting feeling since he did help us win the World Series, but really? the DODGERS?!

5. Mat Latos - first he threw a ball way too far out of AT&T Park and it smashed anouncer Dave Fleming's car window, then he basically called the Giants a bunch of mercenaries. Yeah those same Giants who just won the World Series after sending the Padres home early.

4. Prince Fielder - pre-planned home run celebrations are bush league, and this fat kid performed one of the worst last year when he hit a walk-off homer against Brian Wilson. But I'd like him on my team...

3. Tommy Lasorda - "You don't hate me, you hate yourselves because you LOVE me!" - no I really do hate you.

2. Casey Blake - After hitting a game tying homer against Brian Wilson, he impersonated Wilson's signiture arm cross he does after games. The one that Wilson does to honor God and his late father, with his back turned to the other players. No apology was issued by Blake and no mercy was given by Giants fans.

1. Armando Rios - as the bridge between Rob Nenn and Brian Wilson, Rios was by far the worst closer I've ever witnessed in baseball. On top of that he was completely unapologetic and blamed others for his own failure. I flip him off if I saw him in the street... and if I remembered what he looked like...

Laws of the Day

Giants paid Uribe $3 million and then $3.25 million for a total of $6.25 million over the 2009-10 seasons. Dodgers will pay a now older Uribe a total of $21 million til 2013.

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  1. Blake is def my #1 pick to dislike. Uribe, we'll miss u buddy. Dodgers...enjoy losing all that cash...