Thursday, September 30, 2010

2.. is a Magic Number...

Magic Number = TWO

Giants SWEEP the D-backs and enter their series needing just one win. This is where its at kiddies! We're going for a playoff berth tomorrow my friends...

Needless to say, with a day game today I had little to no productivity at work today listening to the Game on the Radio to the wonderful voices of Jon Miller and Dave Fleming. A great win by our Madison Bumgarner, the first he has had at home in AT&T Park. And again home runs to the rescue, by Panda, Torres and Buster. Bring it Padres!!

So some people remember I posted in August how the Giants were playing like they did not deserve to be a playoff team. Now I'm gonna post on why I think the Giants are playing not just like they deserve it, but playing like a team that is DESTINED to be in the playoffs.

#1 - Flawless Starting Pitching

Not to mention a 17 game streak where the starting pitching mystified lineups and held them to 3 or less runs each game. This staff has been on fire. Yesterday I witnessed Tim Lincecum struggle through some tough innings, but allowed only 1 run over 7 innings and striking out 11. Today another struggle, but Bumgarner only allowed 1 over 5. Cain has been a picture of consistency and Sanchez had another great game with a 4-2 win over the D-backs on Tuesday.

#2 - Clutch Hitting

Although a lot of people have been saying we are relying too heavily on the long ball, the fact remains that we are scoring runs when it counts. The complaints before was that we had to scratch and claw for runs. The only difference now is that instead of hitting a bloop single with runners in scoring position, we see, Posey, Burrell, Huff, Uribe etc. hitting 2-3 run home runs. If you want a Giant to hit a double as opposed to a homer then I'm not sure what you're getting at.. this is much more efficient.

#3 - Dominating Bullpen

After today's game, Jon Miller exclaimed that it was like there were 4 closers out there today. Casilla, Romo and Ramirez combined for 5 K's and 0 runs over 4 innings to shut the door on this game. All 3 were completely demolishing the Diamondbacks' lineup. Romo has been especially dominant, and is now the Giants' number 1 option to pitch for that hold in the 8th.

#4 - The Beard

What else can I say about this guy that hasn't already been said? He has cemented himself as not just the best reliever on this staff, but one of the best relievers in the entire League. With back to back saves totalling 8 outs, all opposing lineups must fear the BEARD.

#5 - The Buster

Posey had a total of 3 hits in his last 29at bats before today and he completely missed a high fastball before CRUSHING one to left center today for a 2 run home run. This kid plays with unbelievable poise and is showing us all that our prized pitching staff is in capable hands.

Laws of the Day

The Giants held opponents to 3 runs or less 23 times out of 26 games in September

The Giants' record in September was 18-8


  1. Bumgarner was definitely not sharp today. Allowed 7 hits over 5 innings, BUT he was bear down and get out with minimal damage.

    Again, the bullpen... lights out. If you want to talk about the most dominating setup man out there... it's Romo by far!

    GET IT DONE CAIN! GO Giantssss!