Friday, August 20, 2010

Fighting to be Wild

Hello all, and welcome again to the Left Field Laws' depression hour. I'm your host and I'll be taking you in a trip through the latest part of the Giants season making you understsand why this team as of now does not deserve to go to the playoffs.

You heard, they don't deserve it, not the Wild Card spot and certainly not the NL West crown. At this point, I along with countless Giants fans are yelling a defiant, "PROVE IT!" So far the Giants haven't done it.

Lets re-cap the horror that has been August:

Giants starters before yesterday had not recorded a win in 15 straight games, going 0-8 in that stretch. When your strength has been touted as starting pitching, there's not really much room for error. Especially for a rotation that has had a "hero of the week" almost all season long, this has been the darkest time for this season with no hope in sight.

Timmy looks absolutely hittable and can't find anything to work. I agree that Cain and Zito aren't doing too badly and have just been hit with some tough luck losses, but they are far from as sharp as they have been early in the season. And we were relegated to watching in utter surprise yesterday as Jonathan Sanchez lasted longer than 5 innings and in fact was throwing in the 9th as the Giants turned a dominating game into a nail-bitter with shaky pitching in the 9th by Romo.

I mentioned earlier, that this August would be bad, and unfortunately I was right. After a much too close 4 game series with the Cubs where we took 3 out of 4, we proceeded to lose 2 out of 3 to the Padres and now 2 out of 3 to the Phillies. Coupled with a 5 game win streak by the Padres, we are now 6 games out of the NL West. The *#%#) Padres are 9-1 in their last 10 games!!

(Deep Breath)

At this point I can't realistically hope that the Padres will collapse any time soon. In a way we still control our fate with the division since we still have 7 games with the Padres in what's left of the season, but right now a 6 game deficit against a team that has absolutely crushed the Giants all season long looks nearly insurmountable.

Here's the (good?) news, As of today, the Giants are 1 game back of the streaking Philadelphia Phillies in the Wild Card.

The bad news... the rest of August is far from easy. We move on to the cardinals, then to the cincinati reds. Two teams also vying for playoff spots including the Wild Card (Cardinals are 2 games back from the lead).

After that we finally get another day off, and then start a series against the Diamondbacks (another break).

Its fitting that we're going after the Wild Card, because to make the playoffs this year, we're gonna have to have a wild finish...

Laws of the Day

Tim Lincecum = Human: 0-3 in last 3 starts with a 9.00 ERA (14 runs in 14 innings pitched)

Wild Card Watch: 1 Game back of the Phillies


  1. Honestly romo has been one of the most consistent arms coming out of our bullpen. He's only given up runs when he inherits runners and when you have a 5 run lead you can take more risks when pitching. Even when he has runners on base I would rather have him out then casilla or Bautista (or even the new guys like Ramirez, ray or Lopez).

    I agree that our pitching hasn't been up to par nut you gotta admit the offense is sputtering too right? The team as a whole needs to pick it up!

    Let's start the sweep ofthr cardinals and the reds!

  2. good call chewie, Romo has been the most consistent out of those other guys not named Wilson, but part of the job is to take care of the runners you inherit as well as the batter you're facing.

    Offense has been sputtering also, but I think the pitching is where it is looking like we wont be able to make the playoffs. These upcoming series will show whether we deserve it.

  3. I totally agree that our relief pitchers need to take care of the runners and Romo has been the best at taking care of them.

    Anyway, lemme go fix my google account... >.>

  4. We've always been a Wild Card kind of team! We def need to improve or at least return to normal with pitching and hitting. But being rough around the edges is what being a Giants fan is all about:)