Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweep Dreams!

The Giants swept the A's back to their side of the bay in what was for the 2nd time in two nights, a roller coaster sponsored by the Giants' bullpen.

The most amazing thing about this weekend is that Giants fans are finally talking about how great the HITTING is... (yes hitting).

Not to diminish the efforts of the top 3 of perhaps the strongest starting rotation in the league, Timmy, Zito and Cainer all had great games with a combined 2.05 ERA over the series, but the story of the weekend was the improved Giants offense with a dash of B-Wheezy on the side.

The Giants have finally found some pop in the lineup, with 6 home runs in 3 games which included Pat "the bat" Burrell's first homer as a Giant a slumpbuster by the Panda and 2 by Aubrey Huff in the sweep.

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, I have confidence in 1-8 in this lineup, in what may be the 'cheapest' offense change I've ever seen.

Take a look at our opening day lineup compared with yesterdays

April 5th:

June 13th

This new Giants lineup is faster at the top, with 3 legitimate long ball hitters in the 3-4-5, a wunderkind in Buster and Panda and Big Money, our best hitters from last year hitting in the 7 and 8 hole, both of which are finding their strokes (solo home runs from each in this series).

All it took was $300k to Burrell to sign him off waivers, Sanchez back from the DL and Posey getting called up.

The best thing of all, this lineup knows how to put together QUALITY AT BATS! Posey plays like a guy with 10+ years of experience in the bigs and just knows how to get on base, he had an 0-4 today, but otherwise has been red hot.

Laws of the Day:

1-2 Punch: Since Torres and Sanchez have been solidified at the top of the lineup, the Giants have posted a 11-6 record with Sanchez reaching base safely in 15 of those 17 games, Torres 14 of 17

Giants improved to 5-0 when they wear their orange home jerseys, but Monday marks the first day they wear the orange uni's on a day besides Friday. Lets hope Orange keeps rollin.


  1. you sir have too much time on your hands... but i happen to have more, thus i am currently reading about your musings

  2. I only do on sunday nights, when I'm gonna do these posts, but thank you for your support anyhow =)

  3. I don't like Posey batting 3rd. He's still a rookie and would do better not seeing all those curve balls. IDK how fast he is but if Sanchez slumps Posey could be a good fit at the 2.

    Plus Posey is on my fantasy team and I want him to score runs haha

  4. Sweet I want to go to a game:)